cutting sheet カッティングシート

Cutting Sheet® Features


Cut and paste.
Create spaces with free inspirations.

Cutting Sheet® is a decorative sheet for easily and freely producing spaces just by cutting, pasting, and removing. The variety of color lineup consisting of 264 colors is based on the color system of hues and tones. The abundantly available colors and the color system provide a strong support for systematic color selection and combination of designers.

Expressions expanded with the 264 colors
The tools make color selection enjoyable.

The abundant color lineup consisting of a total of 264 colors helps the production of spaces using your free inspirations. The colors of Cutting Sheet® are based on the color system of hues and tones that provides strong support for systematic color planning and color coordination. Color sample books and color sample cards are also available for creative color selection by designers.


The lineup of practical colors
with the transformation and evolution of designs

Cutting Sheet® is the material that designers use. Thus, designers are supervising the color selection of Cutting Sheet®. One hundred colors were created in 1986 under the supervision of Mr. Ikko Tanaka. The lineup increased to 264 colors in 2015 under the supervision of Mr. Kenya Hara. The additional colors in the lineup include Selected White created through the pursuit of whites in spaces, the development of Natural Gray Scale for enriching gradations, and the expansion of Pale Tones and Grayish Tones, the low-toned colors which were missing in the original lineup. Cutting Sheet® is the decorative sheet that has evolved and will keep evolving to satisfy needs of the era for designers.


The true value of Cutting Sheet® as a material
is that it is easy to use.

Cutting Sheet® is a well-thought-out material to materialize designs. The base material of the sheet has a proper firmness and flexibility to make the sheet manageable during processing and application. The adhesive balance of the base material, adhesive, and the separator (back sheet) is designed to make it easy to create detailed cuts and remove small extra pieces of sheets. Experience the speedy finish and the beauty of this sheet that is popular in scenes of processing and application.


Decorative sheet × Design × Technology
The best choice for creating spaces

It has been about fifty years since the introduction of Cutting Sheet®. It was initially produced as the color material for signboards. Now designers and contractors are giving high rating for Cutting Sheet® as the one and only design material for creating spaces for its versatility. CS Design Center, the showroom to distribute ideas of using the sheets and skills to materialize the ideas, has samples of all sheets and describes specific uses of the sheets and methods to express ideas using the sheet to answer questions of our clients.

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