Decorative sheet for rough surfaces

The excellent adhesive and strong adhesive force
enable the use of this sheet on base materials with rough surfaces.

TENTAC uses a special strong adhesive that can be pasted on materials with rough surfaces such as tent fabric, wallpaper, and veneer. The adhesive force further increases when heated. This sheet can be pasted on materials on which other decorative sheets cannot be pasted. The application can be completed much more quickly, beautifully, and easily compared to paints. This sheet thus expands the range of spatial designs.

TENTAC Catalog

The color variation in three tones and 22 colors
for strategic designs

The color variation of TENTAC consists of a total of 22 colors in three tones, the abundant vivid tone, sophisticated light tone, and luxurious deep tone. These colors enable strategic designs to suit the atmosphere of companies and stores using a variety of expressions, such as vivid and eye-catching colors, luxurious and chic colors, and sophisticated and natural colors.

Speedy application and beautiful finish

This material replaces paints just like Cutting Sheet®. It only requires cutting and pasting. This pastable sheet allows anyone to decorate spaces more quickly, beautifully, and easily compared to paints.