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The place where all questions about decorative sheets can be solved

You can freely touch and check about 1,100 types of decorative sheets at CS Design Center. Product samples are pasted on transparent acrylic panels to check how they will look in actual use.

What can I do at the showroom?

  • Take actual sheets in hands to check their textures.

    You can freely touch and check about 1,100 types of decorative sheet samples. Sheet samples are pasted on B5-size transparent acrylic panels and displayed on five-row shelves. Necessary information is attached to the CS materials pasted on the transparent acrylic panels.
  • 光の透過具合を見る

    Check how light passes through the sheets.

    The sample zone has LED lights, fluorescent lights, and incandescent lights for each decorative sheet to check the finished looks. Try a variety of combinations, such as the distance from the light source, overlapped appearances, transparency, and reflection using the lights and sheets.
  • 見本帳・カットサンプルをもらう

    Receive sample book and cut samples.

    CS Design Center has color sample books and catalogs of our decorative sheets in addition to B6-size cut samples of the sheets. (Samples are not available for some products.)
  • シートデザインの技法を体感する

    Experience the techniques of sheet designs.

    The decorative sheets can produce all types of expressions through the combinations of different materials and processing patterns. Use actual samples to experience all types of techniques, such as the distinctive use of gloss and matte sheets and the combination of mirror and transparent colors.
  • シートデザインのプロに相談する

    Consult with professionals of sheet designs.

    Specialized staff will give you advice on processing and installation techniques and other aspects to materialize your ideas. A reservation is not necessary. Yet, you can receive more specific and professional advice if you submit the contents of consultation beforehand.
  • 企画展を見る

    Check the exhibition.

    CS Design Center is also the base for pursuing the possibility of CS designs (designs of cutting sheets) and transmits the information. Various artists are being invited to the exhibition, where you can experience the world-class CS designs in terms of their designs and applications and learn from them.

Showroom | CS Design Center

Business hours
Weekends, holidays, and seasonal holidays (Check business hours and days on the website or contact us on the phone.)
3rd floor of Iwataya Building, 2-1-6 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0004
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  • One-minute walk from Exit B3 of the Higashi Nihonbashi Station, Tokyo Subway Asakusa Line
  • Seven-minute walk from the Bakuro-yokoyama Station, Tokyo Subway Shinjuku Line
  • Ten-minute walk from the Bakurocho Station of the JR Sobu Line

What is the CS (Cutting Sheet®) design?

Decorative sheets including the Cutting Sheet® are now well beyond the domain of being colored materials. They are now evolving as design materials that express new perspectives of the world.

They differ from any other domains of architectural design, interior design, and graphic design. Thus, we the Nakagawa Chemical created a term "CS design" to collectively express all expressions produced using decorative sheets.

CS Design Center offers a total support covering from the introduction of various expressions created using decorative sheets to the technical instructions on processing and application of the sheets.