Safety Control

Functional window film

Scattering prevention effect and improvement of energy efficiency just by pasting the sheet
Functional window film

Just pasting Safety Control on a glass provides various effects. Proper products can be selected for functions needed in specific spaces such as the prevention of the scattering of glass, blocking UV light, and insulation effect (energy conservation). Different products have different functions. Check their functions in the catalog. The design of the film can also be selected covering from transparent films to colored films.

Catalog of Safety Control

The glass scattering prevention effect reduces risks in case of disasters.

Scattering window glasses cause many risks in case of a disaster. The scattering glass causes injuries and also blocks evacuation routes when scattered in wide areas. The prevention of the scattering of glass is one of the greatest points of disaster management.

Pasting Safety Control on a window glass prevents the glass from scattering when it is broken. Suitable types of Safety Control can be selected for specific purposes in addition to the prevention of scattering such as the sunlight control and blocking UV light.


The insulation effect of a glass improves energy efficiency and conserves electricity consumption.

The cooling and heating in offices and houses are expected to be energy efficient while maintaining the comfortable indoor environment.

Pasting an insulation film on a window reduces the sunlight and infrared rays that pass through the window and improves the efficiency of air conditioning. This is a practical energy efficient window film with excellent insulation effect (60 to 80% visible light transmission rate) without reducing the spaciousness around windows.