Company overview

Management philosophy

To foster promising human beings for the nation and society through business

This does not mean that we foster people as a means to do something. The primary purpose of our business is to develop individuals who benefit the society. Through our business, we hope to develop such people and send them to the world. At Nakagawa Chemical, we see our employees as more than a human resource. We believe each employee is our greatest asset and operate the company to capitalize on the potential of the employees. We expand the people and business potential through creative concepts and unique solutions to provide a new value to the world.

Business Mission

Continuously provide safety, excitement, and dreams through Colors, Designs, Materials and Technology

Since inception of the company, Nakagawa Chemical has not only been creating products that meet the customers' expectations, but also has been aiming to promote "the creation of comfortable space" through various sign-design initiatives:

The first "CS Design Award," started in 1982,
Introduction of "NOCS2500" (Nakagawa Original Color System 2500) which uses the color on the basis of the correct color planning,
Color planning of rural environment "color of the rural color of the town",
Opening of CS Design Center in 2007.

We feel that it is our mission to explore a new market and to create the future and have been leading the industry with high aspirations and the inherent spirit of challenge.
Nakagawa Chemical will continue to provide safety, excitement, and dreams to the world, through high quality original products, services and initiatives(colors, designs, materials and technology).

Company Name
Nakagawa Chemical Inc.
August 1, 1975 (Established)
October 1, 1975 (Business Start)
30 million yen
Board Members
Representative Director, President   Koichi Nakagawa
Executive Director   Yutaka Fujisaki
Director  Noriko Konuma
Director  Chiaki Nakagawa
Director  Naoko Nakagawa
Auditor    Shizuko Sakurai
Auditor    Youichi Fukumoto (Lawyer)
Number of Employees
Banking Relationships
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Asakusabashi Branch)
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Odenmacho Branch)
The Kosan Shinkin Bank (Main Branch)
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. (Kanda Branch)
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Kudan Branch)
Resona Bank, Limited (Akihabara Branch)
Affiliate Companies
e・NOCS Inc
Nakagawado Co., Ltd.
Nakagawakasei Inc
Kumu Co., Ltd.
Corporate History
Nakagawado Co., Ltd. (Nakagawa Chemical's predecessor) was established on November 11, 1936. After the World War II, it expanded its business to the interior and exterior construction of the department stores. In 1961, the development of「Cutting sheet®」was started. In 1975, Nakagawa Chemical was established as a spin-off company from Nakagawado Co., Ltd.
・Manufacture and sale of sign decoration materials
・Production and sale of synthetic resin and molding and processing of synthetic resin
・All businesses related to the above businesses
LINTEC Corporation
Member Associations
Federation of Japan Out-door Advertising Associations
Nippon Display Federation
Japan Sign Design Association
Japan Typography Association
Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association
Japan Design Space Association
Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.