Message from the president

CEO Message

The world decorated with materials and colors is beautiful, and the future is bright.
Move toward a higher ground without stopping.

The journey with Cutting Sheet®

Cutting Sheet® was born as a material with new colors half a century ago. The material is now being used in a variety of ways in signs, displays, window displays, interior decoration, and temporary walls around construction sites as a useful design material for creators to materialize their ingenuity. It took a long time for the use of Cutting Sheet® to spread after it was first introduced due to its novelty. Yet, the rapid economic growth and the booming pursuit of corporate identities provided opportunities for Cutting Sheet® to spread new value and meanings that differed from conventional paints. The recognition of this product has since been spreading.

The true value of thoroughly developed materials

We use the phrase "CS (cutting sheet) design" to address beautiful urban landscapes and spaces created by cutting and pasting Cutting Sheet®. We have also questioned the true value of this material. Cutting Sheet® is a design material that can greatly affect the urban landscape. We seriously worried about the arrival of the near future facing the problem of so-called color pollution where colors are cut and pasted around us in disorderly ways such that our products would become widely spread throughout society. This anxiety was in perfect alignment with the wish that Yukiya Nakagawa, the founder, put in the development of Cutting Sheet®.

The reevaluation of ideal uses of colors in the world

Along with the attempt to spread the better use of CS designs, Nakagawa Chemical has researched and developed colors associated with comfort for people, a comfortable environment, and a satisfactory atmosphere based on our responsibility to deliver colors seen by people and consumers. We thus spent many years with the Japan Color Research Institute and completed the unique color system of Japan called NOCS. This activity produced a positive outcome. The NOCS, the color system consisting of more than 3,000 colors suitable for color planning, is now the key tool of Nakagawa Chemical and being used as the base for all of our products.

Decoration of the future: Things only we can do

We explored unique ways where we are the only ones who can guarantee the unfading value of Cutting Sheet®. In this process of exploration, we hosted the First CS Design Award under the direction of Mr. Masaru Katsumi as an activity to deliver beautiful, outstanding designs created with decorative sheets in 1982. This award program continues today. Additionally, we opened a showroom, CS Design Center, where visitors can look at, touch, and experience our products in 2007 with the expectation that the showroom would function as the concierge of CS designs. Nakagawa Chemical is committed to keep beautifully decorating the world and the future with colors and designs.