Real metallic material

Overwhelming texture of real metals

MATERIO is the ultimate decorative material that allows anyone to use gold, silver, copper, verdigris, and mother‐of‐pearl, which used to be the materials that only limited professionals could handle. These materials have always been with the history of humans and expressed aspirations and delight hidden in the deep parts of people's minds. Nakagawa Chemical, the company that has pursued colors as decorative materials, renovated the two-thousand-year tradition using unique technologies. Use the profound and genuine world of colors that inspires people as if they are commonly used colors using MATERIO.

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  • HAKU sheet(Foil sheet)catalog

Foil, iron rust, verdigris, flakes

The MATERIO series is available in four types, including the foil sheet (new product), iron rust sheet, verdigris sheet, and flake sheet. All sheets are produced using real metals. The luster and profoundness of the metal foils are the characteristics of the foil sheet. The attractiveness of the iron rust sheet is the endlessly produced colors and textures that are only allowed with live materials. The verdigris sheet adds a unique atmosphere to decorations with natural textures and are not available with printed sheets. The flake sheet creates high-class and gorgeous atmosphere with the natural changes and gorgeous colors. Individual types have a unique atmosphere and attractively decorate spaces.

Individual sheets are carefully hand-produced by professionals.

Professionals are hand-producing individual sheets of the MATERIO series. Thus, the patterns slightly differ in every sheet. The professionals are checking the reactions of iron rust and verdigris and the arrangement of flakes using their experiences and skills.