Transparent decorative sheet

Beauty that resembles transparent and clear colored water

"I want lighter transparent colors."
"I want more subtle color variations."

This decorative sheet with transparent colors in unprecedentedly many color variations and subtle differences in tones answers these voices of our customers. Enjoy the beautiful colors that resemble perfectly transparent and clear color water without unevenness often seen in inkjet products or cloudy colors often seen in conventional transparent adhesive products.


Great color variations in 42 colors in total

The lineup includes 12 hues, plus black and white, which are based on the original color samples of Nakagawa Chemical while pursuing high quality in the material. The colors are available in 42 colors in total, including 12 hues in three tones (36 colors) and black and white in three tones (six colors).

Unlimited number of colors can be expressed by layering the sheets.

Layering three tones, 25%, 50%, and 100% enables the expression of 11 tones up to 300% in the same hue. The color variation expands endlessly when sheets in different hues are layered.