CS helper

CS helper

Application support tool

CS helper

For more beautiful finish Professional tool for processing and application

Nakagawa Chemical offers special tools for quicker application and more beautiful finish of decorative sheets. Experience the group of tools to support professional skills covering from processing, cleaning, application, and removal.

List of products

  • プレスタ


    A spatula for pressing sheet to paste it

    ◎ Set of ten spatulas

    *Precaution: Place a release paper over vulnerable films, such as window films and gold and silver Cutting Sheet® and press these films over the release paper.

  • プレスタガード

    PRESTA Guard

    Use this product by pasting it on PRESTA. This product reduces scratches during pressing.

    ◎ Shammy cloth (fabric, 10 cloths)
       SIZE: 50 × 110 mm

  • CSスキージ

    CS squeegee

    A pressing tool made of rubber used when pasting a sheet

    ◎ Yellow: Hard, Blue: Semi-hard, Green: Medium-hard, Red: Soft

    *See the catalog for the size.

  • M.グレイダー

    M. Grader

    Used when pressing MATERIO: Can be used by replacing M. Kanabera and PRESTA

    ◎M. Roller, M. Kanabera removable type

  • CSカッターナイフセット

    CS Cutter Knife Set

    Can be used for both right and left hand; the blade is the original of Nakagawa Chemical produced through the pursuit of the sharpness and durability.

    ◎ CS Cutter Knife (with ten replacement blades)
    ◎ Set of replacement blades (100 blades)

  • スクレパーセット

    NEW Scraper Set

    This product is suitable for removing dust and glue from glasses. It can also be used to remove sheets.

    ◎ Set of scrapers (with ten replacement blades)
    ◎ Set of replacement blades (50 blades)

    *Handle the blades carefully to prevent cutting hands and fingers.

  • CSリベットブラシ

    CS Rivet Blush

    This product is used when pasting a sheet on rivets and materials with uneven surfaces.

  • CSローラー

    CS Roller

    This product makes it easier to roll out and roll in a sheet.

    ◎ CS Roller 750 mm in width

    *Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

  • マイクロファイバー


    This product cleanly wipes away oil stains and water scales that cannot be removed with towels and papers.

    ◎ 400 mm × 400 mm (one sheet)

  • キリデル


    KIRIDERU is a large-capacity spray with a convenient hook.

  • ガンスプレー

    Gun Spray

    Gun Spray is a handy-type spray. It can also be used upside down using a spiral hose.

  • ペーパーセメント・ソルベント

    Paper cement solvent

    The paper cement is used when pasting a manuscript on a sheet. The solvent is used for cleaning adhesive surfaces.

    ◎ Paper cement (S-CORT)
    ◎ Paper cement (W-CORT)
    ◎ Solvent
    3800 cc, 1570 cc, 280 cc each

    *Do not use this product near fire.

  • ディスペンサー


    A dispenser for paper cement

    ◎ 250 cc

  • ディスペンサー

    Kanpaku Sengen PLUS+

    This is a film remover that can remove films such as polyvinyl chloride in addition to adhesives.

    ◎ 1000 ml

    *Comes with a special spatula