Prevention of the scattering of fluorescent lamps in case of an earthquake, disaster, or accident!

When a fluorescent lamp bursts, glass pieces and dusts instantaneously scatter in all directions, or 360 degrees. BANGUARD is made of transparent and tough polycarbonate. Just attaching BANGUARD on currently used fluorescent lamps prevents the scattering of the fluorescent lamps. The silicone caps at both ends secure BANGUARD and enhance resistance to impacts. The glass pieces would not scatter in case the lamp falls off. For these features, BANGUARD is being used to prevent HACCP of lighting devices and as a safety measure to prepare for earthquakes.


A total of six series of BANGUARD for different purposes

BANGUARD is available in a total of six series for specific functions and purposes. The lineup includes the basic BANGUARD, BANGUARD Orange with excellent pest control effect, and BANGUARD for Waterproof Fluorescent Lamp. Select the proper type of BANGUARD for specific purposes and types of fluorescent lamps.

Easy installation Repeatedly usable for about ten years

BANGUARD can easily be attached to currently used fluorescent lamps. Insert a currently used fluorescent tube into BANGUARD and attach silicone caps at both ends. Anyone can easily attach BANGUARD. BANGUARD can easily be reattached to a new fluorescent tube when one expires. It can be repeatedly used for about ten years.